Spring Concert May 25 & 26

The Story behind the concert

This production was inspired by the children’s book, The Empty Pot, by Demi.  It is about a young Chinese child named Ping, who has a green gardening thumb and can make anything grow.  When the Emperor needs to find His successor as ruler, he gives each child in the kingdom a seed.  The child who grows the best flower will become the next Emperor.  Although Ping is the best gardener in all the kingdom, Ping’s seed does not grow.  All the other children in the kingdom return beautiful flowers and plants to the emperor.  Following the advice of Ping’s father and after Ping’s best effort of trying to get the seed to grow, Ping returns an ’empty pot’ to the Emperor.  Ping is selected by the Emperor to be his successor, despite not growing a flower.  It was a test.  The Emperor had cooked all the seeds he had given to the children making it impossible for the seeds to grow. Ping was the only honest child in the kingdom and returned an Empty Pot.  A lesson of integrity and honesty.  Come enjoy the story of The Empty Pot.